We have a great ‘can-do’ attitude that extends through all that we do. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to work on equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers.

We know your business needs cost-effective service and support when it comes to air conditioning installations and compliant facilities maintenance. At AD Stanley we specialize in providing product owners with a service that gives reassurance and peace of mind. Whether it is cooling for Telecom shelters, data centers, commercial, or industrial, AD Stanley has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to deliver competitive solutions that provide continual support for your business. We expect to be your facilities partner in the long-term, and therefore we are focused on ensuring our installations are maintained with the utmost care.

Our experience across telecom, commercial, retail, educational, and industrial projects mean we know how to steer our way through complex installations and onerous facilities maintenance compliance issues.

We are a conscientious lot, and we would be happy to be your preferred service partner.