HVAC Services for Telecom and Data Centers

Ultimate for uptime


Equipment shelters and telecom buildings need to walk the line of keeping electronic equipment cool while keeping an eye on energy savings. Furthermore, a strained cooling system can fail or require more frequent maintenance.

Due to the high internal heat loads, telecommunication sites require cooling throughout the year even when outside temperatures are cold. Conventional residential and commercial air conditioners are not designed for operation below 60oF (15oC). Marvair and Bard units are engineered specifically for this application and have all the necessary controls, features and safeties.


School buildings face a variety of challenges, that can lead to poor indoor air quality and uncomfortable conditions. Little or no ventilation, poor temperature and humidity control and frequently changing schedules make it difficult to provide classrooms with conditions conducive to learning. Also, many central HVAC systems take up expensive square footage, are complicated to control and share air with multiple classrooms throughout the building.

Bard and Marvair have pioneered the concept of providing a single, separate comfort system serving individual classrooms by providing each space with the independent climate control it requires. Their indoor or outdoor comfort systems offer significant energy savings with patented ventilation packages and quiet operation, making the classroom a safe and comfortable space for learning.


Nobody has time for a leaky roof. So why tempt fate by cutting a hole in the roof of your commercial building? Stick with what works: Bard’s wall-mounted light commercial HVAC systems are installed and serviced from the outside of the building, requiring no one to get on top of the roof.